Fixed prices

When you book a taxi via our app, website or switchboard, you will receive a fixed price for the trip calculated on the tariff fare calculated on the basis of the basic fare, the distance travelled, the estimated driving time and any supplements for the trip. The fixed price refers to travel from "A to B". Click here for more information on extra stops.


Supplements on the trip

On some occasions, a surcharge may apply to the trip. If you book via our app, website or switchboard, this surcharge (excluding child seat, additional stops and waiting time) is included in the fixed price you receive. Special agreements, terms or offers may change the below prices. All prices include VAT.

Monday-Friday 00-04

For trips booked between 00.00 and 04.00 Monday to Friday, an additional driving fee of SEK 200 will be added.

Increased basic fee

If a trip is booked locally in the area outside Lerum (Stenkullen, Floda, Gråbo, etc.), we apply a higher basic fee plus the applicable rate for the trip.

Gothenburg Central Station

For trips from the taxi rank at Gothenburg Central Station (located at track 1), Jernhusen's fee of SEK 27 will be added. Click here for more information.

Landvetter Airport

For travel from the taxi rank at Landvetter Airport, Swedavia's fee of SEK 50 will be added. This fee is also charged for pre-orders. Click here for more information.

Car seat

For car seats for babies and toddlers, we have a surcharge of SEK 100 that is added to the price of the trip. Booster cushion is available in all our cars and costs nothing extra. You can bring your own baby car seat (all our cars have Isofix mounts), then there is no extra cost. Click hear for more information.

Additional stops

Usually we charge a surcharge of SEK 60 for stops "on the road" which is added to the price of the trip. If you want to make several stops that deviate from the route, you have to pay for your trip to the first stop and then agree with the driver to continue the journey on a taximeter or new fixed price.

Waiting time

When the taxi has arrived at the booked address, the driver contacts the traveler and if the driver is told to wait, the applicable rate will be charged during the waiting period. If the trip is with a fixed price, the waiting fee is SEK 50 per started 10 minute period.


Taximeter prices

The taximeter prices are of the 'Sum tariff' model. It is a debit tariff that is a combination of the basic fee, the price per kilometer and the price per hour. The time tariff is charged at all speeds and throughout the taxi journey. The distance rate is only charged when the car rolls. All prices including VAT (6%).

Regular rate (Valid from 2023-06-01)

Tariff 1 (1-4 pax)
All days 00.00-24.00

Basic fee75 kr
Route price20.00 kr/km
Hourly price760 kr/tim
Unit price1465 kr

Tariff 7 (More than 4 pax)
All days 00.00-24.00

Basic fee97 kr
Route price30.00 kr/km
Hourly price1200 kr/tim
Unit price1697 kr


1Unit price

All taxis in Sweden must indicate a unit price for a so-called type trip. A type trip refers to a taxi ride of 10 km that takes 15 minutes including the basic fee.